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Advance KeyLogger

Advance Keylogger Software invisibly track entire computer activities including typed keystrokes, voice chat conversations, clipboard (copy-paste) contents, accessed application, system startup time and similarly capture windows screen snapshots at regular interval of time.

Advance Keylogger functionality:

  • Monitors family members, relatives, friends online and offline PC activities.
  • Keep tracks everything that was going on your computer in your absence.
  • Records internet activities including visited website, temp files and cookies with option to export recorded data in excel file formats.


Software features:

Easily monitors or records entire computer activities while you are away.

Save recorded data in encrypted log file and send to user predefined email id or upload log via FTP server settings.

Software runs in the stealth mode and unrecognizable by the other external users.

Software overrides all major anti key logger programs.

Software is password protected to prevent unauthorized user for changing and modifying software configuration settings.

Easily generate reports of recorded data in txt and html file formats in an accurate way.

Facilitate to view backup of recorded data for future reference.

Provide facility to set hot key or run commend to access the Keylogger application if runs in hidden mode.

Fully capable to record login time and date of the every session created.

Provides attractive and user friendly graphical user interface and no prior technical skills is required to operate the software.

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