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Digital Photo Recovery Software

Digital photo recovery software recovers your lost, corrupted, erased, accidentally deleted treasured family photographs, image files including JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, still photographs, photo, audio/video files and folders from digital cameras and mobile phone multimedia memory card.

Supported major camera brands:Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Kodak, Minolta, Konica, Sony, Fuji film etc.

Supported multimedia memory cards: phone multimedia memory card like secure digital card (SD), extreme digital card (XD), smart media and compact flash card, removable media like pen drive, USB drive, thumb drive, Zip drive, memory stick

Recovers from:

  • When card being pulled out while cameras (or other device) are on.
  • Retrieve video files even if “Drive not detected” or “Drive not formatted “message is displayed while accessing the any USB supported media or hard drive.

Price: $49

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Digital Photo Recovery

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Software Features :-

  • Analysis of current and deleted digital data.
  • Efficient, focused recovery solution.
  • Image recovery Software is very easy for both experienced and beginners users.
  • Provide thumbnail preview of recovered photos and restores your valuable memories back at safe location on your hard drives.
  • Picture retrieval utility is a handy and powerful image recovery application.
  • No need of any technical knowledge to operate photo data recovery software.

Data lost due to :-

  • Factory setting reset.
  • Hardware error.
  • Corrupted digital media.
  • Backup problem.
  • Total disaster.
  • Formatting of media.