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Website Backlink Checker Tool

Website backlink checker tool is important criteria for finding important backlink status of advertiser’s websites on different publisher’s websites. Software alerts users when link is not found or web page can not be displayed on the internet.

Software functionality:

  • Software determines backlink status of various websites created profiles.
  • Uses an absolutely legitimate way to find the obtained backlink status.
  • Link tracking utility finds direct link, java script link or other link.
  • Software generates the detailed backlink status report in HTML or TXT file format for future use.


Software features:

Measure and evaluate overall visibility and link status of your websites.

Determine the link status as healthy links help users to rank better in the popular search engines.

Inexpensive automated tool checks multiple website backlink status instead of one by one.

Layman user can easily handle the software without any prior technical skills.

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