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Data eraser

Data eraser permanently wipes your deleted data including internet files (temporary internet files, cookies, history, typed URL’s) system files (administrator’s files, clipboard content, recent documents and network folders, recycle bin, windows event logs) and applications (Microsoft access, Microsoft excel, Microsoft power point, Microsoft paint, Microsoft word, word pad, media player).


  • Unused disk space.
  • All types of external storage media like USB drive, memory stick, pen drive etc.
  • Multiple files and directories from the hard disk.
  • Internet files (cookies, history, typed URL’s etc.)
  • System files (recycle bin, clipboard content, windows event log etc.)
  • Application files (MS access, MS excel, word pad, media player etc.)
  • Complete hard disk drive including both existing and non-existing data.


Software features:

Support wiping algorithm for data destruction.

Clean up data in both destructive and non destructive mode.

Protectively ensure your data privacy.

The program can quickly and securely wipe out files of any size in a matter of minute.

Clean drive to speed up the system performance.

File eraser utility is an advanced evidence eliminator.

Facilitate to view backup of recorded data for future reference.

Easily affordable and GUI interface user friendly software.

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