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Text messaging software for Pocket PC

Pocket PC – Text messaging software is ultimate utility tool sends text messages from windows based Pocket PC and PDA mobile device to other mobile phones in just single click supporting both national and international mobile network.

Software functionality:

  • You can send Job alerts messages, Seasonal greetings, Event alert and notifications, Inauguration invitations, Promotional campaigns.
  • Send globally Portfolio information, Stock quotes, Price alerts and news headlines, Sports scores and more.
  • Easily sends text sms in bulk like Weather report, Horoscopes, exchange rates, Product availability and more.
  • Fully capable to send Holiday specials and mobile coupons, Marketing campaigns promotional activities via coupons, special offers and incentives.


Software features:

Text messaging utility sends SMS from pocket PC and PDA mobile to any other mobile/cell phone.

The aim is to keep customers up to date with Company news, products or service updates or to send them notifications for important events.

No internet connection is required to send sms.

Support Smart phones or Pocket PC mobile phones includes E-ten P300B Pocket PC Phone, Gigabyte gSmart i120, Gigabyte gSmart, Gotive H41 mobile communicator, GSMK Cryptophone, Hitachi Pocket PC phone, HP iPAQ hw6515, HP iPAQ h6300, HTC MteoR Smartphone, HTC TyTN Pocket PC phone, HTC Universal reference platform etc.

GUI interface supported tool facilitates extraordinary text messaging features for frequent business travelers or other organizations.

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